A Full Makeover for Your Smile

Most people are not born with a perfect smile. On the contrary, it is usually the result diligent hygiene, consistent dental care, and when necessary, appropriate cosmetic dentistry treatments. Due to a number of different factors, like hygiene practices and dental health history, patients often require a number of different cosmetic procedures to attain a picture-perfect smile. In most cases, we can simplify the process of improving your smile by providing a comprehensive smile analysis to determine the extent of your smile's issues, and then condensing your cosmetic enhancements into a full smile makeover plan.

Custom-Designing Your Full Smile Makeover

Your smile is made up of many different elements, and its appearance can be significantly influenced by any of them. Still, when designing a makeover, we’ll take into account your smile as a whole, allowing us to create a plan that offers dramatic results with minimal treatment. After carefully and thoroughly examining your teeth, gums, dental ridges, and surrounding oral structures, Dr. Sayyah will consult with you personally to discuss your smile and how we can improve it. Using an appropriate combination of cosmetic procedures, we can plan a full smile makeover to:

  • Significantly improve your smile without extensive dental treatment
  • Reduce the amount of time you have to take from your schedule for dental visits
  • Improve your confidence by creating the smile you deserve
  • Help improve the function of your smile by improving its balance and symmetry
  • And much more