Enjoy Smiling Again with Lifelike Dentures

Losing teeth is not an age-related issue—in fact, it can be prevented with consistently good hygiene and regular dental health care. Still it remains a significant problem for patients of all ages. In some cases, it can be so severe as to leave few or no teeth on one or both dental ridges. If you’ve suffered severe tooth loss, then we can custom-design an appropriate denture (or dentures) that look and act like a full set of healthy, natural teeth.

Complete Dentures

Until relatively recently, dentures only meant one thing—a row of replacement teeth secured on a form-fitting, gum-colored base. Today, the same restoration is known as a complete denture, designed to completely rebuild your upper and/or lower dental ridges. The restoration is typically made from durable porcelain, which is tinted and layered to mimic your natural, healthy tooth structure.

Partial Dentures

Even if you have experienced significant tooth loss, you might still retain some of your healthy teeth, which we would prefer to preserve, if possible. To do so, we can custom-craft a partial denture, designed to fit around your remaining teeth while filling in the gaps between them. A partial denture is supported by a base and discreet, hidden clasps secured to your gums and healthy teeth. Unlike complete dentures, a partial can rebuild your smile without having to extract the teeth you still have.

Implant-Supported Dentures

As lifelike as dentures appear, they lack a vital component that was lost with your natural teeth—the roots. Embedded in your jawbone, roots provide structural support for your teeth, and also help stimulate your jawbone to keep it healthy. By supporting your denture(s) on a series of dental implants, you can enjoy significantly improved support, as well as improved long-term dental and jawbone health.