Dr. Neda Sayyah can help your children protect their smiles. 

Children's Dentistry

Protecting Young Smiles with Children’s Dentistry

Even though dental health begins at home, a part of keeping your children’s teeth healthy and well is providing them with professional dental care and maintenance. Like adults, children’s dentistry also includes regular dental checkups and cleanings to ensure their good dental health. Also, to detect issues that could interfere with their proper development, like cavities or malocclusion, and treat them before they become a hindrance to your children’s permanent smiles.

Challenges of Children’s Dentistry

Besides the issues specific to children’s teeth and dental health, younger patients may also be a bit more apprehensive about visiting a dental office and being examined by the dentist. As a parent herself, Dr. Sayyah has vital experience helping children feel more comfortable, and our office provides a welcoming environment for young patients feel more at ease. We can also offer tips to teach your children effective hygiene habits at home, such as turning teeth brushing and flossing into fun activities that they’ll enjoy.

Advantages of Children’s Dentistry

Teaching your children healthy hygiene habits, and helping ensure that their teeth and oral structures develop properly, can have life-long benefits for their permanent smiles. If a cavity develops in a primary tooth, or baby tooth, then it could affect the health of the permanent tooth developing underneath it. If one or more primary teeth are crooked, then your child’s adult teeth are more likely to develop more severely out of alignment.

To prevent such issues, we can apply a dental sealant to your children’s teeth, which are thin layers of plastic that provide additional protection against cavity-causing bacteria. After the teeth are thoroughly cleaned, a sealant is painted onto one or more teeth’s chewing surfaces, where bacteria and food particles are more prone to gather. Fluoride treatments can also bolster your children’s dental health by strengthening the enamel around their teeth against harmful plaque and tartar.

If your child exhibits signs of malocclusion, or tooth misalignment, then orthodontic treatment can help straighten them, which can assist their adult teeth to develop appropriately. Maintaining consistent dental cleanings and checkups will allow us to keep us a close eye on your child’s dental development, and recommend appropriate treatments, when necessary.