What Dental Implants Do for Your Dental Health

dental implants and your dental healthDental implants are like roots for your replacement teeth, such as a dental bridge or denture. Made from biocompatible titanium, the implant posts are crafted to mimic your natural teeth’s roots, and are therefore carefully inserted into the jawbone. While the advanced implants offer impressively lifelike stability to your replacement teeth, the true benefits of dental implants involve what they do for your dental health in the long-run.

A Look at Modern Replacement Teeth

While modern dental bridges, partials, and complete dentures are often crafted with innovative, realistic-looking materials (like porcelain or zirconia), they can only restore the visible portions of your teeth that rest above the gum line. Therefore, they are less stable than your natural teeth, which are secured by roots embedded within your jawbone. To improve their fit, function, and performance, we can often recommend securing your replacement teeth to one or more dental implants. By essentially anchoring your dental appliance to your jawbone, much like your teeth’s roots, dental implants help it better absorb your bite’s pressure while maintaining a lifelike, comfortable feel.

The Long-Term Dental Benefits

With dental implants, your replacement teeth will not have to rely on adhesives or hidden clasps, or on the support of neighboring teeth like a dental bridge. Mimicking the natural structures of your teeth makes dental implant restorations a benefit to your long-term dental health in several ways, including;

  • Better hygiene—Since they’re designed like natural teeth, caring for implant restorations is much like caring for your healthy, natural smile. Simply brush and floss your restoration at least twice every day, and be sure to attend every scheduled dental checkup and cleaning for routine maintenance.
  • Stronger smile support—Many of the benefits of dental implants don’t involve your teeth directly, but rather the jawbone that supports them. Teeth roots help your jawbone stay healthy by inviting an adequate supply of nutrients, and only dental implants can restore the stimulation needed to maintain the nutrient supply.
  • Longer lasting—Because they become a permanent part of your jawbone’s anatomy, dental implant posts can last for life with proper care and maintenance. You may still need to replace your dental crown or custom denture after 10-15 years due to wear and tear, but implants will make the replacement easier by remaining in place to support your new appliance.


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