Discussing the Truth About Root Canal Therapy

discussing root canal therapyHave you ever wondered why a broken tooth doesn’t heal like a broken bone does? Interestingly, your tooth’s enamel and main structure don’t contain necessary cells to initiate the regeneration process (although certain minerals can help strengthen your teeth when weak). Still, a healthy tooth does contain living tissue at its center, called the pulp, where the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels are housed. The roots of your teeth extend into your jawbone, which supplies your teeth with necessary nutrients through the roots’ canals. While tooth decay can erode your outer tooth structure, the disease is significantly more dangerous if allowed to reach the soft, living tissues in your tooth’s pulp. If so, then root canal therapy may be the only way to remove the infection and save what remains of your healthy tooth structure.

The Worrisome Truth About Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is spoken about enough that it’s almost gained an air of acceptance. While many people know decay can rot their teeth, cavities are rarely mentioned with as much trepidation as, say, gangrene. Nevertheless, like gangrene, tooth decay also involves the death of soft body tissue, particularly your tooth’s pulp if the infection is not detected and treated promptly.

Easing the Pain; Saving Your Smile

Once your inner tooth is infected, the infection can spread through your roots and into the surrounding area of your tooth’s supporting structures (i.e., gum tissue and jawbone). Root canal treatment is designed to ease your discomfort while protecting the rest of your oral health. During the procedure, we will create a small opening in your tooth to gain access to its center, then remove the tooth decay and infected tissue, sealing the ends of the roots to prevent residual bacteria and infection from spreading. A filling is typically placed to reinforce the tooth and cover the opening, and for additional protection, a crown is typically placed over the tooth.


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