Defining Your Fear of Dental Treatment

defining your fear of dental treatmentSome people may feel that they don’t have time to visit the dentist, and therefore postpone or completely neglect seeking necessary dental care. Others, however, may avoid the dentist for a more profound reason—fear. Though it is not often discussed, and even less often researched, dental fear is a significant concern, and can affect patients to varying degrees. Fortunately, with an appropriate dental sedation technique, we can help you alleviate your dental anxiety, fear, or phobia so you can give your smile the care and attention it deserves.

Defining Dental Fears


Anxiety at the thought of the unknown is natural, and if you’ve never undergone a particular dental procedure, then you may feel a bit anxious about it. Most people feel a twinge of anxiety, at least to some degree, but some patients can feel anxious enough that they require a minor amount of sedation (usually nitrous oxide) to feel comfortable enough in the dentist’s chair.


Fear can be more aptly described as a reaction generated by a past experience. Patients who have had a particularly bad experience at their dentist’s office in the past, or who have received inadequate and painful dental care before, may be fearful of a repeat experience. Besides sedation, we also take the time to know you personally, including your past experiences, to help create a more pleasurable, and more comfortable, environment.


More potent than fear, phobia is fear that is extreme enough to be considered a condition. Patients who experience dental phobia can become extremely uncomfortable with the mere thought of visiting the dentist, and many will avoid doing so no matter what. Dental phobia and the neglect that it causes can lead to serious dental issues and the need for increasingly more complex restorative treatment.


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